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5 Ideal Islands for Students

You want to live your student life to the fullest. This means that when the holidays are approaching you only think of student islands. Destinations that fit perfectly in this phase of your life, destinations where you could have a fantastic time but above all economically. That is why, below, we suggest the ideal destinations, i.e. beautiful and cheap islands for students with nightlife, to spend an unforgettable vacation with your friends. Looking for the best islands for students? You will find everything you need here!:

#1  Skiathos

Want nightlife? Check! Do you want nice beaches and beach bars with loud music? Check! Do you want enchanting beaches? Check! Skiathos can offer you everything! If you choose it together with your group, you will have countless entertainment options, different beaches with nice waters to choose from and a city full of life where the fun lasts until the early hours of the morning! Skiathos has no villages, so the town offers the most accommodation options. From there you can take the buses that will take you to its most famous beaches. Note the following and you won't miss: Vromolimnos, Koukounaries, Lalaria!

#2  Ίος

When you hear about Io, the first thing that comes to your mind is PARTY! It is considered one of the ideal islands for students consistently every summer because it will offer you both scenery and fun. What more could anyone ask for? The island may have a lot of tourists but more and more young people prefer it for their holidays so the island never sleeps. One of the first things you will do on the island is to visit the famous Mylopotas, the golden beach with crystal clear waters and countless beach bars. In total, there are over 30 beaches to see, so take your pick and of course, when the night comes, you head to the country for dancing and drinking!

#3  Paros- Antiparos

Stable Cycladic value for student holidays! Paros is picturesque, beautiful and full of fun! It is a large island but the frequent bus routes will facilitate the movement of your group. You will find endless golden beaches, such as the Golden Beach which is suitable for water sports lovers or the island's famous Beach bar in Punda. You will go to Kolymbithres for their special rocky landscape and in the evening you will explore the narrows of Naoussa until you find yourself in the clubs of the island. But don't forget that if you go to Paros, you have 1+1 islands to have fun since in a few minutes you can find yourself across from the frenetic Antiparos, to spend your evening there and also to change shows for a while.

#4  Serifos

If you insist on Cyclades, then Serifos is one of your first choices! In recent years more and more travelers are talking about Serifos. What to see first! For its free relaxing beaches, its lively country that dominates on high or its fine food? If you want to experience the freedom of summer, you can prefer the island's camping to experience the party atmosphere to the fullest.

#5  Ikaria

If you're looking for more relaxing vibes on an island, then you'll come all the way to Ikaria! The rhythms on this island change and you immediately enter a mood of tranquility. Of course, you will have heard countless stories about the famous festivals of Ikaria, so this is the entertainment you will encounter when you are there, that is, unforgettable evenings with countless people joining in big dancing circles. It is one of the most affordable islands where you will eat well in traditional tavernas, relax on its free beaches and have fun with cheap drinks at one of the festivals you will find. And there will be many!

Whatever destination you choose this summer with your friends, Travel Ferry will take you there with the cheapest tickets, within a few clicks!

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