Information Covid-19

We inform you that according to Government Gazette 430/Β/5-2-2022, movements regardless of destination (from ports of mainland Greece to the islands and other mainland ports, .

 We would like to inform you that according to Government Gazette 2137/Β/30-04-2022, for the movement of passengers, it is no longer required to present - demonstrate documents proving the vaccination against coronavirus COVID-19, the recovery from the disease or a negative laboratory test result after coronavirus COVID- 19 testing.

The use of a protective mask is mandatory in all indoor public passenger areas. If a passenger does not wear a mask, he will not be allowed to board the vessel.

The following individuals are excluded from the obligation to use a mask:

  • persons for whom the use of a mask is not indicated for proven medical reasons, such as due to respiratory problems; and
  • children under the age of four (4).




Passengers should not travel if they have COVID-19 infection symptoms (coughing, runny nose, fever, throat pain, dyspnea, and other respiratory symptoms) or if they have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient during the last 14 days before the trip.


Passengers must mandatorily follow the check measures during boarding:

Social Distancing

At least 1.5 meters of distance must be kept between passengers while also wearing a mask. people who cannot put a mask for many hours due to respiratory diseases must keep a distance greater than 2 meters.

The ship crew will supervise the procedure and that provisioned distances are maintained.

“Before Boarding” form must be filled and given to the responsible of the ship’s Financial Service together with the ticket during boarding before departure.


Passengers must necessarily follow the following prevention measures during the trip:

We wear the mask both in the interior and exterior areas of the ship. We make sure to cover the mouth and nose, we do not touch the mask after putting it and we dispose it immediately in the trash can after use, while washing our hands,

We use the internal part of the elbow or a tissue to cover ourselves when coughing or sneezing, and we immediately dispose it in a trash can.

We wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution and avoid touching our face (eyes, nose, mouth). Use of gloves does not substitute the need to wash our hands.

We keep a safety distance of more than 1.5 meters from the others.

We avoid crowded places.

We avoid contact with people that exhibit respiratory infection symptoms (coughing, runny nose, fever, throat pain)

Passengers are kindly asked to be at the departure port in time, to facilitate the check procedure before boarding.

In case that passengers develop respiratory symptoms during the trip, they must immediately notify the ship crew.

In case that passengers develop respiratory symptoms after the trip, they must seek medical attention and inform their doctor about the travel record.


Based on the aforementioned, in case the crew members that proceed to checking boarding passengers, find out that:

i. A passenger shows symptoms compatible with COVID-19 infection, or

ii. The passenger refuses to wear a mask on the ship

his/her boarding will be refused and the existing provisions shall apply for the use of tickets at a later date or cancellation.

In cases (i) and (ii), the trip will be prohibited for 14 days or if the passenger himself/herself was ill, he/she must bring a medical certificate, which mentions that all criteria are met, as defined by the Hellenic National Public Health Organization, for stopping protection measures in a COVID-19 patient.

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