Ferry to Chios

When you hear gum there is only one place that comes to mind and it is no other than the beautiful Chios. The island which has the honor to be the origin of Homer, is a magical and unexplored place. Medieval villages, gum villages and many monuments that make Chios the most attractive destination.


  • The famous Mastichochoria await you to explore them, with Pyrgi being the most renown with the exquisite and rare art of carving on the house walls. Walks in the Byzantine architecture and the intricate stone paths that make for the particular beauty of this place.
  • Anyone who visits Chios during summer will definitely make a dive in the Mavra Volia beach which is famous for its black pebbles on the shore.
  • A walk in Anavato, the medieval village with the magnificent view and the scenery that reminds of a cinema studio, will seduce even the most demanding visitors.
  • Just before your departure, we suggest the Masticha museum in order to learn the secrets of processing the valuable tears.

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