Ferry to Koufonisia

The heaven on earth, divided in an island complex, Ano and kato, the famous Koufonisia, it is the destination that offers unique relaxation and carefreeness. A place isolated enough, with crystal waters and picturesque shops that will make you forget the notion of time!


  • In Koufonisia, apart from the magical beaches, you may visit the historical and folklore museum with the traditional exhibits which have been donated by the island’s inhabitants!
  • Another walk you could take is from Karnagio to the port of the island, where you will have the chance to see the windmills up close, both situated in these two areas.
  • Lasty, don’t forget to dive in the magical beaches Gala (or Trypiti) and Pisina. There, you will notice that when nature is at its best it can create landscapes taken from a painting.

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