Ferry to Limnos

Limnos of the myths, with its uniquely beautiful nature and authenticity that attracts every visitor. Discover the secrets of the northern Aegean and unlock a new world of travel experience.


  • The archaeological sites of Limnos is an important part of the island that you must surely visit. Especially the ancient theater of Ifaistia.
  • The rare landscape at the chapel of Panagia Kakaviotissa is something you have not seen before, as the building has the wild rocks as roof!
  • As a volcanic landscape, Limnos and the village of Faraklo will fascinate you with the extraordinary formation of the earth, a creation made after the lava met the sea!
  • Of course, this island produces our favorite cheese Kalathaki of Limnos, so you are in the right place to taste its freshness!

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