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5 Ιslands near Athens for a weekend getaway

Countless islands for all tastes are a ...ship away from us! But we are especially lucky to know that there are beautiful islands just a stone's throw from the city and we can make our own escape, even for a weekend. If you are looking for the ideal islands near Athens to organize a short excursion, we have the 5 best options for you! Want a short getaway to islands near Athens? See the options offered by Travel Ferry!

#1 Aegina

Aegina dominates the Argosaronic Sea as its largest island. You can be there even in less than 1 hour to meet clear blue waters and natural beauty. Try the local products and above all don't leave without pistachios! From the port of Perdika, you can also visit the uninhabited island of Moni by boat, to admire the incredible landscape with deer and peacocks.

#2 Agistri

Agistri is located near Aegina. When you get there, you will admire a truly heavenly landscape with natural beauty and deep blue waters. Nature calls for exploration so follow the paths that exist to discover more on your excursion. Camping is also common on the island because the scenery is simply stunning!

#3 Spetses

A picturesque island that belongs to Attica and you will enjoy it for a short excursion. The island is small and you can get around it with a bicycle because you will have to leave your car behind. Spetses should also be included in your list of "islands near Athens without a car" to forget the traffic of the city! The mansion of Dapia will take you on a journey through its narrow streets, while its history is widespread on the island. Do not miss to visit the Museum of Bouboulina in the center and drink your coffee in Clock Square and walk to the Old Port.

#4 Poros

One of the most economical islands near Athens, a green island of Argosaronicos, which consists of two smaller ones, Sphaeria and Kalyaria, which are joined by a small channel. But at every point you will find idyllic beaches among dense pine vegetation. Water sports, diving, canoeing, hiking or cycling are just some of the activities you can enjoy on the island as well as taking leisurely walks along the waterfront, the cobblestones and the historic clock of Poros.

#5 Kythnos

Isn't it magical that you can feel the Cycladic air just one hour from Athens? Kythnos is an island that in recent years has emerged as one of the hottest destinations. The island has picturesque narrow streets, small cafes and taverns in its alleys, but also a long coastline with beaches of particular beauty.

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