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The 5 Best Islands for Couples

When you are no longer single, your thoughts on choosing your next destination with your significant other take a different direction. Quite simply, you are looking for something different. Let's see... Idyllic spots, tranquility and a pervasive romantic atmosphere, good food by the sea and nice beaches without too much crowding. Did we fall in?? Below you will find our own recommendations on islands for couples to have an ideal time with your partner. Looking for islands for couples? Here you will find the 5 best islands!

#1 Santorini

If you are looking for the most idyllic island in Greece, then Santorini deserves the top spot. It is famous for the most breathtaking sunset you will find and of course it will enchant you with its wild beauty. If you want this summer to find you embracing the sunset with an incredible view of the Caldera, then you have found your destination.

#2 Milos

Get ready for fairytale moments. The beaches you will encounter cannot be described in words and if you arrange one of the one-day boat trips to the most hidden beaches of the island, then you will really feel like you are in an earthly paradise with your other half.

#3  Udra

Cosmopolitan and stately, Hydra is a small island with a long history. On its plus side, you can also place it on the islands for couples without a car since you won't see any cars driving through its small narrow streets. Live unforgettable moments away from the city, but truly a stone's throw from Athens, and create an idyllic atmosphere by going around the island on a bicycle with your partner and just relax, keeping up with the calm rhythms of the island.

#4 Anafi

A small island that you can visit in a few hours, a haven of peace away from the crowds of the Cyclades, will offer you the peace you need. It is one of the cheapest islands for couples to enjoy its natural beauty and the blue Aegean.

#4 Kerkyra

Corfu has an air from another era. When you go you will encounter royal gardens, castles, palaces and an Old Town that you should explore hand in hand with your partner. Romantic beaches in rocky locations as well as golden sands will ideally complete the romantic setting of your vacation.

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