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Top Greek Destinations of 2021

Sunny climate, idyllic islands and plenty of cultural heritage sights, holidays in Greece offer all types of entertainment and of course unforgettable experiences and memories. From the isolated beaches to the historical sights and from seaside resorts to the intense nightlife, holidays in Greece will never disappoint you. Take a look with us at some of the most wondrous destinations that Greece has to offer.


At the Aegean Sea, the archipelago of Santorini is a renowned destination for travelers from all over the world. A beloved place for marriage or honeymoon, Santorini is included in the list of travelers that search for a romantic, sunny destination which combines relaxation, euphoria, gastronomy and cultural heritage.


Mykonos is an island characterized by intense night life, parties and luxury. Despite that, it is an ideal destination for fans of scuba diving, hiking, gastronomy, water sports and for those wishing a romantic or family trip. Do not miss the windmills inland that are the symbols of Mykonos and enjoy a glass of ouzo on a porch of “Little Venice”.


Corfu is one of the most beautiful and romantic islands of the Ionian Sea. From its mansions to its wondrous beaches and the interesting museums, this island has everything that each type of traveler requires. The extraordinarily rich and verdant nature is one of Corfu’s characteristics. Therefore, it is a good choice for fans of natural landscapes and for those interested in sustainable tourism.


A verdant island with magical beaches and crystal blue-green waters that you will adore. Kefalonia is a jewel of the Ionian Sea which has a rich history and cultural tradition. It is the largest island of the Ionian Sea, where the green of mountains meets the blue of the waters, making for an ideal and beloved destination.


The capital of Dodecanese, an island ideal both for those wishing to relax and for those that seek vacations full of action! With its green hills, the rich and verdant valleys and the continuous line of golden beaches, Rhodes is a truly heavenly place. It has exceptional tourist facilities, with an interesting combination of cosmopolitan and traditional areas, as well as many cultural and archaeological sites.


Chania is situated on the wester side of Crete. Even if many places have been developed as tourist resorts, most beaches and villages still keep their authenticity. The northern side is more developed, with luxurious tourist resorts and organized beaches. There you will find the most famous seaside villages of Chania. On the other hand, the southern side is more isolated and traditional, with small coastal villages and non-organized beaches.

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