Ticket Cancellation & Change Policies

Booking modification

In case your ticket gives you the ability to modify your booking, you may contact us.

In case you have already received your tickets and there is enough time from your departure date, you may send us your travel tickets and to be sent the new in time.

We note that issuing new tickets is not possible if we haven’t received the initial ones. The shipping cost for the tickets shall be borne by the passenger.

Changing tickets may be done only when the new tickets are of the same company and class.

For this action, there is an additional cost (3€ per ticket).

Booking cancellation

If you wish to cancel your tickets, please contact us in due time. For the company to be able to return the amount, it is required to have the original tickets. Upon receiving them, we shall return the amount within 7 working days.

The total amount return is not implemented in all cases and by all companies, as there may be cancellation charges (depending on the cancellation policy of each company).

Based on the policy of each company and the time needed for our intervention in order to carry out your demand, we must be informed at least 4 days (4 x 24 hours) before the deadline of the companies.

The shipping costs and the booking administrative costs are not returned, while there is a charge of 3€ per ticket for the cancellation procedure by our agency, plus the cancellation fees of the company (if any).

Note: If you wish to cancel your tickets and have proceeded to web check in, you must definitely contact us.

Below you may see the minimum percentage that TRAVEL FERRY guarantees to be returned in case of cancellation.

The cancellation policy of TRAVEL FERRY is the following:

100% if a cancellation request is made at least 18 days (18 x 24 hours) before the scheduled departure.

75% if a cancellation request is made at least 11 days (11 x 24 hours) before the scheduled departure.

50% if a cancellation request is made at least 4 days (4 x 24 hours) before the scheduled departure.

3 days to 13 hours before the scheduled departure, cancellation requests are deemed as emergency cases and may be regulated only in working hours. In this case, it would be advisable to contact us or the respective central agency of each shipping company.

For requests received less than 12 hours before the scheduled departure or after the ship has embarked, passengers are not entitled to any indemnification for the price of their tickets.

If you wish to successfully cancel a completed booking, the amount given by each company will be returned minus a 3€ cancellation fee for each ticket for the service and bank transaction charges. This amount will be credited to the card you used when you bought your tickets, within 7 working days.

For any additional clarification or enquiry concerning ticket cancellations, we are at your disposal!

Note: Special offer tickets may not be cancelled, converted to open date and changing the trip date is not available.

After departure, no ticket can be cancelled, converted to open and no date change is available.

Fee for modification or cancellation of tickets

TRAVEL FERRY charges 3€ per ticket plus any additional cancellation cost according to each company, for every completed modification/cancellation action.

Delay of prohibition of departure due to difficult weather conditions

TRAVEL FERRY as well as all shipping companies are not responsible for the delay or prohibition of departure due to difficult weather conditions, upon order of the Ministry for Mercantile Marine and Island Policy or Port Authorities, or even due to force majeure.

In such case, the cancellation of your tickets by TRAVEL FERRY or by the central agencies of each company by submitting your ticket is possible. Passengers that have already on the ship must receive from the accounting office aboard the check receipt withheld during check in before leaving the ship.

Strike in ships or ports

In case of a strike, passengers are usually informed by the company as soon as the port authorities proceed to official announcement. The cancellation of itineraries is not the responsibility of our company but we remain at your side and we may provide instructions and answers to your questions.

Contact us.

Ticket loss

In case of ticket loss and according to the terms of each company, it is imperative that you issue new ticket by paying their price. Please contact us immediately in order to inform you about the procedure you must follow.

TRAVEL FERRY is the most modern and reliable platform for issuing travel tickets.

We are available to answer swiftly and responsibly to every question or enquiry.

You may contact us in customerservice@travelferry.com or by calling 0030 2104115000.

Monday to Friday 09:00 – 21:00 and Saturday 09:00 – 17:00.

TRAVEL FERRY is not responsible for:

Cancellations or delays of itineraries due to force majeure (strike, weather etc.).

For extra charges during the ticket cancellation or modification procedure from the central agencies of ship companies.

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