Booking - Ticket reception procedure

Collaboration with ship companies

TRAVEL FERRY collaborates with a list of reliable ship companies and agents that is kept up to date and growing. However, we cannot guarantee that all ship companies organizing trips will be available.

Necessary documents for boarding the ship

You must always carry your identity or passport, for all passengers mentioned on the tickets. Apart from that, in case of a discount ticket, you must also submit the respective documentation of commercial discounts.

Showing the passport

For lines within the country, you may use your identity. For international destinations you must show your passport. If your trip is towards a country requiring visa, it would be good to contact the embassy of the destination country.

Booking procedure for ferry tickets

Begin your booking by typing all the info you wish to include for your journey in the Ticket Search page, such as dates, departure and arrival ports, the number of passengers and vehicles and if it is a round trip. Please note that for children or infant ticket, you must add one more person in the total number of passengers.

By pressing the search button, you will see a list of all available itineraries for your destination. There, you may select what suits you best and see the lowest fare per person on the side.

Having chosen your itinerary, you will be transferred to the info filling page. There, you must write all info of passengers and vehicles and you will be given the opportunity to select the seat you like.

Lastly, you choose the ticket reception means and you write your info for receipt or invoice.

Type your card’s information or connect via PayPal and complete the reservation by pressing Booking Completion.

If you wish to make a one-way trip, you must press X when returning.

Go back to the booking code

You will find the booking code (PNR: Passenger Name Record) in the confirmation email of your reservation, as well as in the reservation confirmation page. You will easily recognize it by the 10 digits, for example: 0123456789.

In case you forgot your code

Do not worry, we can remind you the booking code by searching the email or surname you entered during the reservation procedure. Contact us.

Possible mistake in the confirmation email

If it comes to your attention from the confirmation email that there is an error in your booking, please contact us immediately to proceed to the required actions. If you need to change your ticket, there may be additional charges.

Possible mistake in the name

If you find out that your name is mistaken, please contact us to inform the ship company and try to solve the problem. In accordance with the Community Directive 98/41, the record of passengers by name is mandatory in every itinerary for security reasons. For the record to be valid, tickets are issued by NAME and in specific they must mention: the passenger’s FULL NAME, the gender: MALE/FEMALE, the age: ADULT – CHILD – INFANT.

The booking has been successfully completed

When your reservation has been completed, you must be sent to the page showing your booking number together with all info about your trip. Then, you will receive a confirmation email of your booking which will mention the same info.

Ticket reception at the port

You may receive your tickets at the port, by selecting the specific reception means, before completing the booking.

Time period for ticket reception at the port

Provided you have chosen to receive tickets at the port, you may receive it at any time after completing the booking. It is necessary to carry the booking confirmation and your identity card or passport.

Ticket reception means

The means of receiving your ferry tickets depends on the time remaining before the ferry’s departure. Therefore, we suggest:

- Courier delivery (additional fees).

- Delivery at the departure port.

- Web Check In ability, for ship companies that support it.

- Delivery at the offices of the collaborating company GIOVANTI TRAVEL in Piraeus by visiting them every day from 06:00 to 21:00, address: Akti Poseidonos 26 street.

In this case, please bring your booking code and your travel documents.

Choosing numbered seats

Ship companies do not offer the choice of selecting specific seats through their automatic systems for online booking. However, it is worth noting that the system tries to place passengers in near seats during every booking. If you wish to ensure side-by-side seats, please contact the ferry’s reception.

Booking for groups

For reservations of more than 8 and up to 24 passengers, you may proceed to 2 or more individual booking. If the group consists of more than 25 people, you will have to contact us.

One-way ticket booking

Type the info you wish in the Ticket Search page, such as port, number of passengers, vehicle etc. and just check the X in the return date.

Issuing a ticket for third party

You have the ability to issue a ticket for third parties without you as a companion. However, the passenger must be notified about the PNR booking code, as well as for the ticket number.

Handing the ticket to another person

You may not transfer your ticket as it constitutes a personal document.

Online ferry tickets

At the moment, few ship companies offer online tickets. When you book via TRAVEL FERRY, you will see an indication as to which companies support this service.

Use of ticket by another person

The ticket bears the holder’s name and it cannot be transferred to another person. It is valid for a specific date and seat.

Receiving tickets at the hotel

You may receive your tickets via courier wherever you are with an additional charge (depends on the location).

Issuing a ticket for an unaccompanied underage child

An underage child is permitted to travel only if it has completed the 15th to 18th year of age without the company of a parent or a guardian according to the following conditions:

Having a filled Solemn Declaration by the parent or legal guardian of the underage, with a verified authenticity of his/her signature by the Police or Port authority.

During boarding, the underage passenger must carry his/her ticket, the original Declaration, as well as the Identity Card to certify the identification.

You are aware that the parent or legal guardian of the underage passenger bears the whole responsibility for acquiring and verifying the Solemn Declaration, as well as all accompanying documents required by the departure port.

The company is not liable if boarding is not allowed by the ferry’s Officers or the Port Authorities due to insufficient documents and/or identification certificates.

Entering your name for booking

Please enter your name and surname as included in your travel documents.

Showing availability without completing the booking

You have the ability to see the available lines and their prices without completing the booking procedure.

Return tickets: Are they more cost-effective?

Some ship companies offer discounts for return tickets. We suggest that you make a search before booking and choose the most suitable.

Number of passengers and vehicles in one single booking

You may make a reservation for up to eight (8) passengers and for up to three (3) vehicles. Keep in mind that some ship companies do not allow to add an extra vehicle apart from the first (1) for the same booking.

Vehicle driver = Passenger

The term “Passengers” refers to all individuals travelling on boat.

Vehicle type that is not included in the menu

If you can’t find your vehicle type in the drop-down menu, it is due to the fact that the company does not allow your vehicle type or online booking is not available. For more information, we are at your disposal.

Booking a different vehicle for each direction

As not all ship companies provide the ability to reserve two different vehicles for each direction, we suggest making two individual bookings, provided the choice is not available.

Booking a different number of passengers for each direction

As not all ship companies provide the ability to book a different number of passengers for each direction, we suggest making two individual bookings, provided the choice is not available.

Open return ferry tickets

The initial issue of open return tickets is not possible. However, some ship companies may convert the already booked tickets to open, in order to be used within a specific period defined by the company.

For these actions, please contact us as they are not processed online.

Return from another port

You may select a different port for your return by choosing multiple itineraries in Search. You just have to add the departure and arrival port for the first trip and different departure and arrival ports for the second one. The system will show the itineraries you search with the collaborating ship companies that suit you.

The itinerary you selected is not available

This message is shown when the place you chose is not available anymore. If for example you had selected 2 places and there is only 1, the whole booking is cancelled.

Ticket availability

The info displayed about the availability of tickets is constantly updated with information from the ship companies. Therefore, TRAVEL FERRY is not responsible with a possible error in the info during the booking procedure.

There are no itineraries for the specific period

If you don’t find itineraries for a specific period, then either the program for these trips has not been published, there is no available itinerary for that day or the ferry is full. For additional information we are at your disposal.

Not all ports are shown

In case the system does not show the island or port you wish to visit, then it is possible that the destination or the itinerary does not exist in our system. Make sure that you search the port name properly as many islands have different port names.

Travel with a rented vehicle, license plate unknown

When you do not know yet the license plate number of the rented vehicle, you may type RENT1 for all ship companies.

Ticket for professional vehicles

Booking tickets concerns only professional vehicles with specific dimensions (up to 4.5m in length and 2m high). For other types of professional vehicles please contact us

Booking tickets for different dates and destinations

Select multiple itineraries and check up to 4 that you wish. The TRAVEL FERRY system will make sure that it indicates itineraries that may serve you in just one booking!

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