Pets - Luggage

Pets on board

Most ship companies allow pets to travel, but each company follows its own policy depending on the trip. Whether your pet will remain in the vehicle or spend its journey in the specially prepared space for pets depends on the duration and type of the trip. Ferries have special cabins in limited numbers, as well as specially designed living quarters for pets, so it’s good to make a reservation in time. Pets are not allowed to remain in other cabins (apart from the special ones), bars, restaurants and inside the ferry.

Passengers with pets must comply with the regulations required. If you hang around with your pet, you should always place a leash, accompany it and mandatorily a muzzle.

It is also important that passengers with a pet always carry an updated health card.

It goes without saying that passengers with a pet are responsible for taking care of their pets’ safety and hygiene. In the ferries you will find a special area for everyday hygiene of pets. Non-accompanied pets are not allowed on the ship.

Dogs for assistance

For assistance dogs, trained dogs accompanying blind individuals and dogs for assistance of handicapped people, the trainer or user, depending on the situation, of the dog must have and show, whenever asked by controllers, the documents provisioned by the law. Assistance dogs, no matter their size, may enter the ship without their transport cage or muzzle, provided they are strapped with the leash.

Luggage that the passenger is entitled to

The luggage that a passenger may carry consists of two (2) handbags weighing a total of up to 50 kg or 1 cubic meter. All luggage must be placed in the ship’s special compartment and always according to the directions of the crew. Do not place valuable items in the luggage. It is best to be given to the crew for safekeeping. The transporter is liable for wear or loss of luggage in the ship, only if they are given for safekeeping and the respective receipt is issued. The transporter is not liable for loss of money, valuables or luggage in the ship’s common areas, vehicles or cabins.

Lost items

In case of lost items, please directly contact the ship company.

TRAVEL FERRY is not responsible for:

Any destruction or loss of luggage or personal property during your trip.

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