Ticket types - Discounts

Different classification of passengers

Most ship companies define the following classification of passengers:

  • - Adults, passengers more than 10 years old
  • - Children, passengers from 5 to 10 years old
  • - Infants, passengers less than 5 years old.

However, ages may vary according to the ship company.

Ticket for a child or infant

Ship companies offer reduced fares for infants and children. Usually, passengers up to 5 years old may travel for free. However, a ticket is normally issued at zero price (0€). Persons aged more than five (5) and less than ten (10), namely children, usually benefit from a 50% discount.

Please note that each ship company defines age limits differently for reduced fares.

Other discount classes of tickets

We find ticket discounts offered by many ship companies for Greek students, large families, people with disabilities, military officers.

Discounts from ship companies

Discounts applied by ship companies are always found in the TRAVEL FERRY system! The price is calculated during the reservation procedure, without requiring any action from you. TRAVEL FERRY provides results from ship companies even if you haven’t chosen them. If a ship company offers a loyalty card, you will need to enter its info during your booking process.

Students that benefit from discounts

Students at Greek Universities benefit from discounts in all international lines, as well as those that hold the ISIC international student card. For itineraries outside Greece, the discount is offered to all students at Greek universities holding a valid pass card. Some ship companies offer discounts to ISIC card holders (e.g., Blue Star ferries, Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries, ANEK Lines, Saronic Ferries). verify these discounts by visiting the ISIC card website. The discount usually amounts to 25% - 50% depending on the company and the period.

Special Discount “Early Booking” tickets

Sometimes you may find tickets in reduced prices or on special offer for a limited period. These tickets are limited in number and you may usually find them available many months earlier. TRAVEL FERRY is definitely informed about these but you should keep in mind that these tickets cannot be modified or cancelled.

Islander’s Unique Number (M.A.N.)

The Islander’s Unique Number is personal and issued only once. This number is for permanent residents or employees in Greek islands as well as for companies active there.

For privateers, families and professionals with M.A.N., the cost is equated with the ferry travel cost, the cost of lands trips, as they benefit from the Transport Equivalent. Use the M.A.N. when booking your ferry ticket from TRAVEL FERRY and receive the respective amount of money at the end of the month. The whole procedure of issuing a M.A.N. and refund must be performed via the Trasnport Equivalent’s website.

Dependent members and children benefit from the M.A.N. provided they have been declared in the tax return of the principal beneficiary.

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