Ferry to Ikaria

Here time has stopped, the exotic sea is everywhere and calls you, while traditional foods are prepared to be served. A dance mesmerizing companies and drawing you away, not letting you return. Welcome to Ikaria!


  • In Ikaria, holidays are truly relaxing as all tiring thoughts are left behind as if the sea took them! Time here is nonexistent and nobody is stressed!
  • Traditional festivities with Ikariotikos dance and valse will fascinate you and they will surely tempt you to participate as well!
  • Fans of surfing will love the waves in Ikaria and they will be tempted to tame them for hours!
  • One of the most famous Greek beaches with a foreign name, Seychelles, with the round and white pebbles and turquoise waters, it will steal your heart from the very first moment. We suggest being there early and find a place!

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