Ferry to Mytilene

The island with two names, Mytilene (or Lesvos), is the destination with rare beauty and traditional aromas with a mild Mediterranean climate. Visit the home of ouzo and the place that gave birth to many notable poets of our country.


  • The island of Lesvos has one of the most famous monasteries across the globe, the imposing monastery of Taxiarchis which is located on the north-west section of the island. It is worth visiting it not only to receive the blessing of Taxiarchis but also for the uniquely beautiful surroundings.
  • One of the largest fossilized forests in the world is found in this majestic island and it awaits you to walk on it and discover rare beauties of that era.
  • After this, it is worth cooling yourself by diving in the blue and crystal-clear waters of Agios Isidoros beach, which is one of the most famous in the island.

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