Ferry To Naxos

The biggest island of Cyclades, Naxos with a history throughout the ages has unique sights, fantastic scenery and welcoming inhabitants that will impress you! It has beaches for all tastes, local products of unparalleled taste, tradition and of course entertainment all day!


  • Once you reach Naxos, the first sight that welcomes you is no other than Portara where the gate of the Temple of the god Apollo is situated. You can visit it on foot and takes photos with the deep blue as a background.
  • Apart from ancient Greek sights, Naxos also have medieval ones. The Venetian Castle is at the center of the island and you can visit it by simply walking in the alleys. On the top is the Commercial School where Nikos Kazantzakis studied and now is a museum.
  • If you travel to the northern part, do not miss the stone village of Apeiranthos. Mountainous, with paved alleys and buildings of Venetian architecture, it will take you to another era!

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